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About new and old

二月 12, 2009

About new and old
If I stay in the office, I will often answer such a telephone number: “I am a market manager of so-and-so Company, we find you to hope to engage you, design a unique corporate image,etc. for us. " Can already conclude if hear here me, the other side is or a new hand, or a boss of a small enterprise at the early-stage, unless the person lifting the microphone in that side of the telephone is Stiven and Jobs.

Most people with experience of market know, consumers only believe the new products that those big companies put out, only can listen attentively to important person those strange to think this objective fact in strange thought of brain, the person in any mainstream society will not check for the risky cost. The market only approves of those safe ones, has reason tactics of data, without" the carpet type advertisement bombs " Such fire support, any new thing will all face the destiny of fail. So in manager’s eyes of ripe market, the strange tactics are not often the best choice.

Our designer is often crazy about those fresh behavior skills, it is those insignificant picture results and script size that give up research and study of the tactics, but this can’t be totally imputed to them, should educate strangely strangely, because nobody tells them, some is business, some or the market, what is the tactics, have designed and acted some roles among here, what kind of function,etc. can be given play to. In the face of the whole commercial link, it must not save all Gods to design, at least in consumer one of that’s end, the first competitiveness is still the price so far, in one of that’s end of enterprise, in the world 500 top enterprises, have not done things creatively on image more or less.

The middle 2003, I serve three year for Guomei electrical appliance, their advertisement Hou already very old in throwing in amount at that time 2000, but only insist on throwing in the evening paper of each city, does not adopt some white collar medias on our suggestion, and content of advertisement only promotion price, give a discount, give a discount small cymbals Hou they have corporate image at that time for this week forever, there is not all that modern enterprises such as VI,etc. there should be, pester stubbornly in the face of us, they always say patiently: “Those things which you proposed, can not help us to sell the things, while reaching us to become the richest of China, we will have naturally. " As expected after the four year, they achieve one’s goal, become China the richest, and Hou sell electric apparatus they important business most at that time. I with designer of U.S.A. have a chat get up this later on, they say Wal-Mart such too.

Say rationally, it is only some professional services that a designer offers to design, it is a standard order business, guests want to prepay deposits first, the designer must consult and understand guests’ purpose, the result is finished by the cooperation of both sides, the property right belongs to the customer.


short winter

二月 11, 2009




“虧你大學還念的是心理系,連這點基本常識都沒有。方震他念念不忘的不是我,而是他叱  風雲、不可一世的黃金歲月。你想想看,他那







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